Who We Are


Passion 4 Community is a faith-based community impact organization. We have an ambitious goal: We serve as a catalyst for unleashing the power of compassion in our local communities – one life and one act of kindness at a time. In fulfilling this mission, we will reflect the character and essence of Jesus Christ. We offer an array of outreaches focused on building healthier communities from educational classes to social activities, care/support groups, volunteering, and other community services. Our programs and initiatives are focused on community development.

Our Motive

We are a Christian, faith-based organization whose religious beliefs play an important role in our mission. As Christians, we believe we are called to reflect the character and essence of Jesus Christ in the world. While our values and beliefs significantly shape how we do our work, adopting our beliefs is not a prerequisite for anyone receiving the benefits of our outreaches or resources. 



The following is taken from the Federal Government’s written guidance to Faith-Based and Community organizations. It’s provided to help you understand what it means that we are Faith-Based and the relationship between New Life Christian Church and Passion for Community:

“A faith-based or religious organization does not need to change its identity—including its name or chartering documents in order to qualify for a Federal grant. Nor does it need to remove religious art, icons, scripture, or other religious symbols from its property or its publications—although all of these must have been purchased with private funds.” 

“Religious organizations can compete for government funding to provide public services without having to abandon their religious character. In fact, faith-based organizations have every right to hold, express, and practice their deepest convictions, so long as any inherently religious and worship-centered activities are separate, voluntary, and privately funded.” 

“A faith-based organization should take steps to ensure that its inherently religious activities, such as religious worship, instruction, or proselytization, are separate—in time or location—from the government-funded services that it offers.” 

“Faith-based organizations that receive Federal aid may not require program participants to attend or take part in any religious activities. Although you may invite participants to join in your organization’s religious services or events, you should be careful to reassure them that they can receive government-funded help even if they do not participate in these activities, and their decision will have no bearing on the services they receive. Any participation by recipients of taxpayer-funded services in such religious activities must be completely voluntary.”
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Clayton Shepard


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Gina Shepard

Assistant to Director

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Joan Anderson

Volunteer Coordinator