Household Goods Assistance

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Our Motive

Our Household Goods Assistance Program is an outreach that focuses on the community’s underserved residents. We provide practical household items such as new beds, linens, furniture, and small appliances to people in crisis and the “working poor”, individuals transitioning out of homelessness and individuals who “fall through the cracks” in the social services system.


Do you have lightly used items sitting around that you would like to see go to a good cause? Below is a list of high demand items P4C needs. High demand items are not sold but instead, go directly to people in need! Please note that we do not accept donated beds or bed frames. Instead, we provide new beds to our clients; it is one of the things that make P4C unique. We want to leave our clients with a fresh new bed to sleep in. Items must be gently used, new, without damage, stains or rips